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Self-ligating braces

Braces with increased comfort and efficiency

Self-ligating braces use innovative technology to make your treatment quicker and more comfortable than ever before.

What are self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating braces don’t need elastics. Instead, the brackets have a built-in sliding mechanism that holds the archwire in place while allowing the teeth to self-adjust. This freely sliding system means less friction and fewer adjustment appointments!

 What are self-ligating braces?

The Damon® system

At SmileStyle Orthodontics, we use the Damon® brand of self-ligating braces. This industry-leading brand provides excellent results for our patients and comes in both metal and clear ceramic options.

The Damon® system is designed to deliver a smile that will last for a lifetime. The brace is created by Dr Tselepis using extremely light titanium wires with unique 'shape memory' to guide your teeth into their new position. What's even better is that Damon® braces don't require tightening, meaning less discomfort for you. Instead, the brace has a unique sliding mechanism that allows Dr Tselepis to gently alter your appliance throughout your treatment journey.

Damon Braces

 The Damon® system

Benefits of self-ligating braces

Our patients who choose self-ligating braces enjoy:

Faster treatment: Self-ligating braces are extremely efficient, so you can enjoy your new smile up to 7 months sooner than with traditional treatment.

Fewer appointments: Because your self-ligating braces can adjust without the help of a Specialist Orthodontist, you won’t need as many adjustment appointments!

Increased comfort: The self-adjusting nature of Damon® braces means minimal friction is applied to your teeth.

Extra discretion: Damon® clear braces give you an aesthetic option for your treatment.

 Benefits of self-ligating braces

Find out if Damon® braces are right for you.

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 Find out if Damon® braces are right for you.

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