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Treatment for children & teens

SmileStyle Orthodontics loves treating young smiles, and we’ve created an environment where children can feel safe and comfortable during their treatment with us. Bring your child or teen in for a free consultation to see how we can transform their smile.

Why is early treatment important?

The Australian Society of Orthodontics recommends that all children see a Specialist Orthodontist for an early consultation by the age of eight. At this age, Dr Tselepis can detect orthodontic issues and correct them, or even intercept them before they begin.

Early treatment can help save time and money on more lengthy and comprehensive orthodontic treatment later in your child’s lifetime. It can also set them up with a healthy smile, as straight teeth help with oral hygiene, digestion, speech and even wear of teeth.

 Why is early treatment important?

Types of treatment for children

We won’t necessarily recommend that your child start treatment at a young age. We may simply monitor the growth of their smile until the opportune time to begin - often in their teenage years. But, if Dr Tselepis thinks your child could benefit from early treatment, we have multiple options.

One great option is Invisalign® First. This is an Invisalign® treatment option for young children that helps guide the growth of their dental arches. Invisalign® First can make room for current and incoming teeth, and gently prepare your child for later treatment with braces.

 Types of treatment for children

Thumb-sucking - we can help prevent it

We also offer a thumb crib to curb thumb-sucking habits in small children. This fixed appliance helps prevent your child’s teeth from being pulled further out of alignment and also makes thumb sucking less satisfying, so your child will be encouraged to quit the habit over time.

The device is attached to the upper molars, and features a metal crib that prevents the thumb from making contact with the teeth when sucked.

 Thumb-sucking - we can help prevent it

Thumb-sucking - before and after orthodontic treatment





Treatment for teens

Both braces and clear aligner treatment are suitable for teenagers. In fact, the teenage years are the best time to move your teeth! The treatments we offer teens include traditional braces, clear braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces, and Spark and Invisalign® clear aligners.

Invisalign® treatment is particularly popular among teenagers because of how discreet the treatment is. The aligners also come with a blue dot wear indicator so teens can track the length of time they’re wearing them, which, for best results, is 22 hours per day.

 Treatment for teens

Set your child’s smile up for success

Book a consultation with the team at SmileStyle Orthodontics to see what our talented team can do for your child.

 Set your child’s smile up for success

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